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Each page has three icons (see below) that will take you back a page, forward a page, or to the main menu graphic where you simply click on one our heads to be sent to another page. You can also use the browser 'Back' button to return to the page you just left. At the bottom of each page are also text links for the pages in the site. Text links will be underlined and normally red (they change colour once you've visited the link).
Viewing:This site is very visual as well as informative and I've tried to keep the image file sizes as optimized as possible to deliver good graphics within reasonable download time. All should look OK at 256 colours but are best viewed at 65,000 colours or more if your computer's video card is capable of it.
The pages are designed to fit the width of screens set at the minimum 640x480 resolution but you may need to scroll down more than users with 800x600 or higher resolutions; again, this is dependent on your video card.
Sound:You can hear samples of our music on this site encoded in RealAudio format. Just click on the link and if you have installed RealPlayer on your PC it will start playing the clip automatically. RealAudio is a way of compressing audio data so it can be listened to over the Internet in real time. The faster your modem the more data you can receive per second; that in turn means the audio quality is better because it is compressed less. If you have an old version of RealPlayer the link to the clip will not work; download a more recent (free!) version.
So what if you have a slow modem or bad connection that causes the audio to break up? Download the *.rm file to your PC and play it from your hard drive which will play flawlessly (download the higher quality file). If you are accessing our site from work and cannot get the links to work it may be because your company has set up a "firewall" as security from the Internet. Solution? Check the RealAudio site for info or simply download the sound file by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Link As" or "Save Target As".
Printing:If you want to print one of the pages there are a few things to keep in mind. The background will not print, it is only viewable on screen. Note what colour the text is on screen because printers will print that colour or the equivalent grayscale value; which means white will not print and light colours may print faintly. For these, drag your mouse across the text to select it (or choose Edit/Select All), choose Edit/Copy from the browser menu bar then Edit/Paste the text into a word processor; now print from there.

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