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The Change radio airplay

Cracked and Faded and Long Way from Oz were well received by campus radio in '97 and '98, getting airplay on over 50 stations across Canada and in the northern U.S. ; The Change charted in the Top 10 of the Loud Rock charts on five stations and the Top 30 on six more. We had especially good runs on the charts in Sudbury (12 weeks), Kingston (9 weeks), and Montreal (7 weeks).
Here is a list of most of the stations we got airplay on with our highest positions noted...

CKLU Sudbury: charted #2
CJMQ Quebec
CFCR Saskatchewan
CHUO Ottawa
CKDJ Nepean
WLSO Michigan
CSKY Montreal
CAPR Nova Scotia: charted #3
CIBL Montreal
WRPI New York
CFBU St. Catherines
CFLI Montreal
WVKR New York
CFXU Nova Scotia
CFRC Kingston: charted #4
CFRO Vancouver
CFLX Sherbrooke
CSCR Toronto
CKRG Toronto
CHSR Fredericton
CKDU Halifax
CCRS Sudbury: charted #9
WNYO New York
CHMR Hamilton
CJSR Calgary
WHRW New York
CJCB Nova Scotia
CJSW Calgary
CRSG Montreal: charted Top 10
CKCU Ottawa
CKWR Waterloo
KRUA Alaska
CKLN Toronto
CJAM Windsor
CKUW Winnipeg
CHRW London: charted #11
WSBU New York
CFUV Victoria
CHRY Toronto
WEOS New York
CFAK Quebec
CKMS Waterloo
CAPR Nova Scotia: charted #12 (Oz)
WITR New York
CFMU Hamilton
WCBN Michigan
CKUM Moncton
CJSE New Brunswick
CKUL Alberta: charted #12 (Oz)
CKUL Alberta: charted #13
CISM Montreal
CRSC Toronto
CFRE Mississauga
CHRW London
CKMO Victoria
CFFF Peterborough
CFRU Guelph: Top 30 (Oz)
CHMA New Brunswick: Top 30
CFSM Halifax
CRSJ Saint John's
CJLX Belleville
CITR Vancouver
CRNC Welland

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