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Rock. Grab-you-by-the-balls type rock. That is what The Change delivers. Since the early '90's The Change has been cultivating it's catalog of originals and as the lineup changed over time the sound too morphed into the hard-hitting rocker it is today. Their performances are energetic and create an exciting live synergy.

The Change consists of Frank Grosso on vocals, Glenn Howe and Adrian Kilp on guitars, Frank MacTaggart on bass, and Ziggy on drums. Click on the pic to go to our photo gallery. In memory of one of the founding members of The Change please see our page dedicated to Tim Elliott.

They are based in Toronto and the revamped version has independently released two CDs to date. The first CD 'Cracked and Faded' reflected the evolving sound of the band and was described thus by Mike Beggs of The Mississauga News: "The new CD is loud. It's an interesting sound, featuring hard grooves, walls of feedback and some acoustic introspection and catchy hooks. The lyrics are inspired by a collective social conscience and a sense of humour." 'Cracked and Faded' was well received campus radio , getting airplay on over 50 stations across Canada and the northern US, charting on 8 of these; as well as getting played on Q107's Discovery, 97.7's Beyond 11, and COCOLO FM in Japan. One of the cuts can also be heard on the indie movie "Tough Luck Club".

Their latest CD 'Long Way From Oz' also received airplay on 49 campus radio stations plus international spins in Japan, Israel and Nicaragua. The unrelenting lineup of skull rattling but melodic new tunes on ‘Oz' represents the sonic direction of the band.

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